Boston Born – New York Grown – Globally Warmed

I DIG: family. friends (real ones…those who call me out when I deserve it). culture. jet-setting. the globe. tunes. flicks. eats. drinks. gadgets. art. nerdism. an open mind. light. expression. passion. ambition. focus. freedom. fighters. believing. resilience. intellectual discourse. fine wine. scrabble. autonomy. creativity. ice cream. smell of fresh mint. ocean waters. open air. scented candles. taboo. schooling and being schooled. sunshine. smiles. belly-ache chuckles. snoopy. my ipod. meeting foreigners. outdoor cafes. rebels. philosophy. rhetoric. saxophone. beach sand. mojitos. martinis. architects. musicians. thinkers. doers. gummy bears. tranquility. simplicity. reading. gallivanting. spicy everything. fusion everything. home cooking. chic. inspiration. opportunity.

I DISMISS: ignorance. arrogance. pessimism. tunnel vision. doubt. eeyores. grey skies. rain. waiting. scallions.


2 Responses to “About Moi”

  1. kym Says:

    You will be missed meems! P.S. I dig the same things you do, we were destined to be friends!:0 Yo but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Scallions! I can not believe you dimiss scallions:(. Scallions need love too! Eeyores ( re: negative/downer peeps sux!)

  2. ml Says:

    Nah man, scallions are yuck. Painful childhood memories. But that just means I can share all my scallions with you! 😉

    Meet YOU on the Underground! Cuz Piccadilly, here I come!

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