Shanghai Pinghe School, I’m Yours!!!

Being my meticulous self – especially when it comes to contract negotiations, and cooperating with the Dean’s travel schedule, plus! the 13 hour time difference (Shanghai is AHEAD 13 hours; Yes, please take note for the future), it took quite some time for final drafts to finally land in my hands. But at last! I have signed on the dotted line(s)!

Quick Breakdown of the Process:

  • I negotiated the English version (of course).
  • Upon agreeable terms, (8) copies were furnished for my john hanock. Yes, EIGHT. They are not joking!
  • (4) School Contract – (2) in English / (2) in Chinese
  • (4) Foreign Expert Management Bureau contract – (2) in English/ (2) in Chinese

Here’s my moms and pops reading over the Chinese version…(and check out my pops rockin’ a baby blue t-shirt courtesy of Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below! They have such a COOL daughter šŸ™‚ ).


Next Steps!

I gotta look into flights – for mid June – and visa stuff, try my best to tame my antsy’ness and eventually (still finding my groove here at home), pick up on some leisure reading and other miscellaneous stuff that I’ve put off doing.
Oh and here’s a lil’ sumn sumn About the Pinghe School and well, Shanghai:
  • Shanghai Pinghe is a private, boarding, international, bilingual school that is part of the International Baccalaureate Program (ooh la la!), located in the newly developed Jin Qiao Green International Community in Pudong, Shanghai.
  • Pudong, as I see it – having never been – is best understood as the “Brooklyn” to Manhattan in terms of geography. Much like how NYC is broken up by 5 boroughs, Shanghai is broken up by 19 districts. 9 of which make up “city centre” aka Puxi.
  • Puxi and Pudong are essentially divided by the Huang Pu River. (Puxi means “west of the Huang Pu River” and Pudong means “east of the Huang Pu River.)
  • In 1990, plans were announced to transform the once mainly farmland and countryside-Pudong into its current-day status of the emergent financial and commercial hub of Shanghai.
  • Pudong was rebuilt with the western constructs in mind (ie. wider streets, more greenery and from my conversation with the Dean – the school and community also Go Green! Whoo!)
  • Pudong is home to the Finance and Trade Zone, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower – symbolizing Shanghai/China’s economic development.
  • So how is it like the BK? Well, check Exhibit A:shanghai_pudong-to-bund.jpg
In this picture, we are at the viewpoint of being in Pudong, looking outwards to Puxi, across the River. Connecting both are tunnels and 4 major bridges as well as a reliable subway system šŸ™‚ .
The super major contrast between Puxi and Pudong is that it is essentially the old vs. new Shanghai. Without going into too too much, I can pretty much guarantee I will be frequenting Puxi for nightlife, eats, action and all that other good stuff.
  • Now back to the school – it being an international school, the students are generally children of expats and are taught in both Chinese and English regardless of country of origin (be it Greece, Ireland, Korea, Japan etc…)
  • I will be teaching primarily little rugrats, I mean 1st graders in the subjects of: English Language Arts, Social Studies and Integrated Science; as well as some electives to include 5th graders.
  • What got me most was the school’s philosophy: Educating students to become “elite, high caliber, world citizens” via “integration of western and eastern cultures.” Need I say more?
  • And as a bonus, my mother told me she likes the sound of the school…literally… as the phonetics of “Pinghe” relate to “Peace” … as in unity and world peace. šŸ™‚


Ok, that was enough education for today. Here’s one last pic to share my excitment…

View from infamous Puxi’s Bund, looking towards Pudong’s skyline….



I think I might have to do a double feature night of Lost in Translation (even though the film takes place in Tokyo, I will still be just as …lost…in…translation) and Shanghai Noon. šŸ˜€

In the meantime, I’m going to guest-read and do activities with my little niece’s 4th grade classroom later this afternoon…




Signed, Sealed and Delivered by Stevie Wonder (08.07.70)

. . don’t burn the day. .