I saw this flick a couple months back (pre-blog days), but feel it necessary to give it its just due in the here and now.

Based on a true story (already spikes up on the view-worthy-meter) and French memoir, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly tells the incredible story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, the world-renowned editor of French ELLE magazine. While on top of his game at the age of 43, Bauby suffered a massive stroke and was diagnosed with a condition known as Locked-In Syndrome – leaving him entirely paralyzed from head to toe, with exception of his left eye lid. Blinking became his sole means of communication with the outside world and ultimately the method that would form his memoir. The story swims in and out of Bauby’s past and present consciousness, addresses his relationships with loved ones – wife, mistress, children and father, along with capturing his life’s greatest and not-so-greatest moments…Cinematography is superb!… The first 15 minutes are unforgettable!

Humane. Haunting. Tender. Beautiful. Inspiring.

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly is a must see for the soul.

10 days after publication of his memoir, Bauby passed on.


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